Two River Strings is West Music’s house brand of hand-selected orchestral string instruments. Designed with music students in mind, they offer an affordable step-up instrument that does not sacrifice quality. Since this is our own private label, we can set our own pricing and custom specs. For your convenience, model numbers were chosen to be easily comparable with instruments from other vendors. Two River Strings currently manufactures violins, violas and cellos.

Why the name Two River Strings?

The name Two River is in homage to our home state of Iowa.  Iowa is located between the Mississippi River and the Missouri River, the two largest and most important waterways in America. It’s this connection with water that gives our products their names.

Where are these instruments made?

Two River Strings are hand-crafted in China near the city of Beijing. The instruments are then sent to our headquarters in Coralville, IA where they are set up by our certified luthiers. Meet our head luthier.

Tell me about the different Two River Strings models available:

Two River Strings Violin West Music Orchestra

Barcarolle, pronounced “Bark-ah- roll- A”, is the traditional song of Venetian Gondoliers.  Two River Strings Barcarolle 300 Series mimics the beauty of that old song. It is an affordable step-up model that has many of the same visual and aural attributes of professional instruments.

La Mer is French for ocean, and our La Mer 500 Series gives a big sound, just like the ocean. An intermediate instrument, the La Mer 500 Series provides exceptional sound and performance.

We also carry copies of great master works.  A bench copy instrument is a replica of another instrument. The Luthier building the instrument uses accurate diagrams, measurements, specs, and photography to recreate the look, sound, and feel of a unique and well-known instrument.  Currently, we offer bench copies of stringed instruments first made by Gasparo da Salo, Guarneri del Gesu, and Antonio Stradivarius.

Where can I find out more about each model?

Right here on our website! See photos of the instruments and detailed descriptions. You may also contact West Music Orchestra to request pricing or answer any questions you might have.

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