Sarah Anderson
Sarah Anderson may just come in to West Music for violin, but we could spend days talking about everything else she does! Jenni Pickering has been teaching for 5 years, and Sarah is already playing in the community with the Blackhawk College orchestra and occasionally plays with the Clinton Symphony. She is also singing The Messiah with Handel Oratorio Soceity at Augustana College this year, but her musical life doesn’t stop there. Flute and Piano are also in her repertoire, and she loves playing them all! Jenni says “I have never ever had to tell her to keep practicing. She is just amazing and so dedicated to what she’s doing.”

When asked about advice for other musicians, she says, “MUSIC IS WORTH IT. Set goals for yourself, and don’t give up. I recently learned how to play vibrato, and I was VERY HAPPY when I finally got it down!” Her other musical goals include playing in college, and learning some fiddle techniques, but really just to get better at playing her instruments every day. Her favorite musical artist right now is the Piano Guys.

Sarah is home schooled and in 11th grade. Now for the curve ball- Sarah is a competitive Speed Shooter! Trap shooting, Archery, and Speed Shooting are all hobbies of hers. How does she find the time!

Congratulations, Sarah! Good luck on your upcoming Speed Shooting competition!

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