Ella Anneling

Ella Anneling has studied violin with Gayla Drake for 3 years. She was nominated as the Musician of the Month because of her hard work and accomplishments this year. She recently focused on preparing for an audition for her school talent show, was selected to perform and played the piece perfectly!

Ella is 10 years old and will be in the 5th grade next year at Coralville Central elementary school. In addition to the violin, she plays soccer and enjoys writing. She also excels at math and scored very high on her advanced placement tests this spring.

Ella’s older brother, Erik, also studied violin with Gayla Drake. Gayla has this to say about working with Ella: “I love working with Ella, she’s smart and creative, and has such interesting taste in music! She once commented that she was impressed by the ability to create a piece of music from an idea or emotion. Being a composer, that got me excited, because that’s where music composition starts. I can’t wait to see what Ella does with music during the remainder of her school years and beyond.”

Congratulations, Ella!

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