Performance Plan

Performance PlanAs your student’s abilities improve, so should the instrument. Starter instruments are designed for beginning players, and may limit your child’s musical development as playing skills progress.

By selecting a higher-quality Performance instrument, you will provide your student with room to grow as a musician, create renewed excitement and pride, and enhance your student’s development. Download our Performance Plan brochure and contact us for more information!

Instrument Care Guide

String Instrument Care GuideCaring for your string instrument is not hard if you understand a few basics! Take a moment to find out what you can do to preserve and protect your investment by reading our Instrument Care Guide

Remember that your instrument is made of wood and can easily be damaged if not handled with care. Bumping the instrument against another object may damage the wood, cause the bridge to slide out of alignment, or cause the sound post (found inside instrument) to fall down. Bridges and sound posts are not glued in place, but are held by the pressure of the strings, which allows them to be replaced and adjusted as needed. If an accident should happen, bring your instrument to a West Music Repair Shop for service

If you should notice a problem with your instrument, bring it in as soon as possible to be serviced. Repairs to string instruments can take just a few minutes, several hours or sometimes several weeks, so don’t wait until it is too late to get your instrument repaired.

Student Feature: Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson
Sarah Anderson may just come in to West Music for violin, but we could spend days talking about everything else she does! Jenni Pickering has been teaching for 5 years, and Sarah is already playing in the community with the Blackhawk College orchestra and occasionally plays with the Clinton Symphony. She is also singing The Messiah with Handel Oratorio Soceity at Augustana College this year, but her musical life doesn’t stop there. Flute and Piano are also in her repertoire, and she loves playing them all! Jenni says “I have never ever had to tell her to keep practicing. She is just amazing and so dedicated to what she’s doing.” Continue reading “Student Feature: Sarah Anderson”

Teacher Feature: Jonathan Welch

Jonathan WelchJonathan Welch is entering his eleventh year of teaching and is thrilled to be joining Joshua Reznicow and the Linn-Mar High School Orchestras as director of the Philharmonic Orchestra. He is leaving a six-year tenure as Orchestra Director at Anderson High School in Cincinnati, OH as well as Department Chair of Strings Teaching for the Forest Hills Local Schools. A native of Cincinnati, Jon received a Bachelor of Music from Bowling Green State University Continue reading “Teacher Feature: Jonathan Welch”